Einar – a brief (not really) history

When I started this blogging endeavour I had planned to map out the story of how Mr Pie came into our lives, and the bumps in the road we’ve encountered on our journey with him.

His strange viral/colic episode last week rather knocked me off kilter but normal service has more-or-less now resumed, so here goes.

Prior to Einar, I shared my life for 16 years with another gorgeous Highland pony, the indomitable Kincardine Macdougall (Dougall or Doogs if I was very busy and didn’t have time for two syllables). There’s a couple of photos of the beautiful Dougall below.  Dougall was a proper sturdy garron with the constitution of a steel elephant. He sailed through his life in rude health rarely needing to see a vet (other than for routine stuff), only to be suddenly and brutally felled by a lipoma that strangulated his intestine when he was 20. Despite the very best efforts of my wonderful vet David Reed, and a frantic rush to the Dick Vet Equine Hospital in Edinburgh for emergency surgery, he couldn’t be saved. I lost him on 19th July 2013 and I miss him every day.

Following this incomprehensibly horrendous event, I desperately felt the need for a new equine friend; not to replace Doogs (that could never be possible), but to fill the agonising void he left, and to keep my mental health from completely disintegrating. Thus began the exciting and exasperating quest for a new pony.

We spent a while trawling the horsey selling sites and whilst there were certainly a lot of lovely HiPos looking for homes, none really piqued our interest. That was until we checked the Horse Quest site, and spotted Einar’s ad…and were instantly smitten. One quick call to his owner/breeder later, we discovered that he was located in the Orkney Islands…not just a hop and skip up the road unfortunately. Undeterred, time was hastily arranged off work, ferry tickets were bought, and a hotel was booked. We were off to Orkney!

We had a very enjoyable time in Orkney (falling hopelessly in love with the place) and finally met the delightful Einar. He was a gangly unbacked 3 year old at the time, but was sweet, sensible and very well behaved – a testament to his breeders Marlene and Ivor Rorie from the Tuskerbister Stud. We were smitten!

We had a frustrating two week wait to get the boy to his new home in West Lothian (the ferry from Orkney to Aberdeen Harbour was booked solid). He arrived on a very wet and windy September Sunday, and walked off the lorry as though he’d just been on a five minute trip rather than a 12 hour ferry crossing on very rough seas followed by a six hour drive.

We were delighted with him and started to plan his education with a view to lightly backing him at four, and eventually starting some gentle riding at five. The best laid plans however rarely run smoothly, and that certainly has been the case with Einar over the past five years.

Over the next few posts, I’m going to tell The Sorry Tale of Tuskerbister Jarl Einar and His Long-suffering Humans.

Stay tuned!

Dougall & Jo
My beautiful boy – Kincardine MacDougall

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